The Fattoush ( DF/GF Option)

Romaine, Tomato, Cucumber, Red Onion & Sea Salt Pita Chips & Fattoush Dressing

The Poppy Seed (GF/DF)

Kale, Cabbage, Carrot, Broccoli, Toasted Pumpkin & Sunflower Seeds, Dry Cranberry, Cashew, & Honey Poppyseed Dressing

The Honey Apple Crisp (GF/DF Option)

Romaine, Goat Cheese, Dry Cranberry, Apples, Spiced Pecans & Honey Apple Dressing

The Balsamic (GF/DF Option)

Romaine, Roasted Beets, Feta Cheese, Red Onion, Pine Nuts, & Balsamic Dressing 

The Maple ( GF/DF/Vegan Option)

Quinoa, Brussels Sprouts, Shallots, Dry Cranberry, Almonds, topped with Bacon, & Maple Balsamic Dressing


The Italian (DF Option)

Orzo Pasta, Kale, Onion, Roasted Tomato, Pine Nut, Mozzarella & Italian Dressing

+Grilled Organic Chicken to any salad 


BBQ Pulled Pork (DF/ GF option)

Cornbread or Tortilla Chips, & Vinegar Slaw 

Spinach & Artichoke Chicken Nacho (GF)

Served w/Tortilla Chips & Parmesan Cheese

White Cheddar Mac & Cheese

[ + Bacon] [+ GF Option] [+ BBQ Pulled Pork]

Steel Cut Oats (GF)

Ricotta, Walnut & Honey OR Blueberry, Pecan & Brown Sugar

Grilled Cheese Sandwich 

Ricotta w/ Fig Jam + Bacon or Walnut

Ricotta w/ Honey &  Blueberries

Cheddar w/ Caramelized Onion +  Bacon  or Mushrooms

Swiss w/ Caramelized Onion +  Bacon  or Mushrooms

SOUP *Served with fresh bread

Roasted Tomato Basil w/ cream is desired

Potato Leek w/ White Cheddar (optional)


Natural Flavored Sparkling Water

Bottled Water

Kids Organic Chocolate Milk Box

Kids Organic Juice Box


Flourless Lava Cookie (GF) 

Lavender Earl Grey Biscotti

Pecan Pie Bar

Orange Chocolate Chip Scone

Fudge Walnut Brownie

Ginger Square

B'Bites (GF/Vegan) 


*Fresh Brewed*



Italian Bergamot Black Iced Tea

Lavender Earl Grey Tea Latte * Eli Tea 

Thai Chai Tea Latte * Eli Tea

Butterscotch Rose Tea Latte *Eli Tea

+ Assorted Hot Tea Flavors


Double Chocolate Cold Brew  

House Blend Coffee *Thumb Roast Coffee Co. 

Mexican Dark Decaf Coffee *Mason Jar Coffee Co. 

Hazelnut Coffee 

Hazelnut Decaf

Cafe Au Lait  (1/2 Steamed milk + 1/2 coffee) 

Organic Milk & Cream:

Whole Milk, Half & Half, Almond Milk, Soy Milk